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Experience the first Plymouth
1928 Tourer 
Model Q

Our glamorous BeBe 

Meet BeBe

Walter & Kim here, we'd like to introduce BeBe to you. She's an original 1928 Plymouth Tourer, one of only a few remaining today.
Please join us on our adventures and be part of making a new history for our 95 year old girl.  


Our Plymouth can be used for a variety of activities, everything from Vintage Car Weddings, Wine Tours and as a vintage promotion car. 

Join BeBe on her adventures and be part of making a new history!


The Experience

If FOR SALE notice

If you are looking at buying for a cheap price, then you are most probably not really interested in history nor this car.


More importantly, if you are serious about buying this beautiful 1928 Plymouth, then what you really want to know is the following.


Support from the world wide Plymouth Technical specialist   = YES

Is the Plymouth reliable                                                                             = YES

Does the Plymouth start every time, even when cold                  = YES

Is there a detailed maintenance schedule and directions         = YES

Is there a full parts breakdown with detailed diagrams              = YES

Do you have access to spare parts                                                       = YES

Do you have access to other owners                                                   = YES

Evidence that the Plymouth was built professionally                  = YES

Is the Plymouth easy to maintain                                                          = YES

Memory stick provided with EVERYTHING needed to know     = YES

Will there be backup support after purchase                                   = YES

Is there a website crammed with heaps of information              = YES

Is the Plymouth set up for a business such as weddings             = YES

Is the PLY-028 number plate transferable                                          = YES

Is the website transferable              = YES

Is the phone number 04 20 40 1928 and email transferable        = YES

Will I answer any questions you have (within reason😊)             = YES


Is the Plymouth fun to drive                                                                       = YES


Will you get the smile off your face when you drive around        = NO

Will you be allowed to convert into a hot rod                                     = NO

Will you get a speeding ticket                                                                    = NO

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