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We've always been a fan of Art Deco and the elegant yesteryear of olde.

Virtually all of the "good stuff" of the olden days are hidden in museums, in private collections and basically locked away for only a few to admire.

We want to share a little bit of history.

Touch, feel and to have a ride in a

1920's chariot of olde!

The first Plymouth.

If you would like to know more about the details of this amazing car, please go to the "What to Expect" tab and view the FAQ section.

—Walter & Kim Faets 

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pattern art deco.jpg

You can become part of the New History.


You can help us with becoming part of the BeBe family of photographers, models and participants in the various adventures that will mostly be guided by you.

See the list of recent adventures which include a hilarious 1920's Flappers outing and boozy afternoon at Dad & Daves brewery in Brookvale, (driven home responsibly of course!).

Yes, BeBe can be serious and is available for Weddings and Anniversary parties and much more.

Planned for next year is a mad dash around the Bathurst panorama race track, at a frightening - wait for it (direct from the marketing blurb of the day) "....the car gives top speed up to 58 and more miles per hour, 5 more than a Ford!" 

This equates to around 95 KPH, however, we know she is limited to around 70-75 KPH.

This will blow your toupee off!

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