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For Sale Details


  • This Chrysler-Plymouth Model Q Tourer is a charming example of the increasingly rare 1920s premium offering. 

  • It is powered by a 170-cubic inch Plymouth ‘Silver Dome’ four-cylinder side valve engine that sends up to 45hp to the rear wheels via a three-speed manual transmission and is capable of speeds up to 60mph. 

  • The subject of a full restoration in 2000, this vintage car is said to present in good condition and – thanks to regular maintenance from its enthusiast owner – to run very reliably. 

  • The vehicle is supplied with an incredibly detailed folder containing maintenance guides, parts lists, diagrams and contacts. As the current owner states: “There is so much support information that anyone can confidently own, run and maintain the car.” 

  • The Plymouth was restored by someone who today is considered the world-wide technical support specialist for 1928 Plymouths. His details can be provided and he will continue to technically support the Plymouth going forward. The seller states that no-one knows more than this individual does about this model of car. 

  • They further note that the Plymouth is well established for weddings and events, having its own website, unique phone number and email address which are transferrable at the point of sale. 

  • The Plymouth has covered 20,300 miles since its rebuild in 2000. 

  • A number of spare parts will be provided as well as comprehensive details for sourcing and or fixing virtually everything on the Plymouth. 

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Equipment & Features


  • The Chrysler brand unveiled its new Model Q in 1928. It was their first foray into the more affordable motoring market that was then dominated by Ford and Chevrolet. The new car changed market expectations as it was equipped with many features associated with more expensive machinery. The Chrysler prefix was later dropped and the model was a sales success. 

  • The Australian market cars featured a Detroit-built chassis that was then shipped to Adelaide where the bodies were fitted by The Holden Motor Bodies Company, making them an important part of Australian automotive history. There are understood to be just 10 remaining on the country’s roads.  

  • The specification includes a wooden frame with metal over-body construction, a full force lubricated engine with oil filter, rubber engine mounts, slim chrome radiator grille, bowl headlights, beaded edge swooping mudguards, a sector leading comfortable interior and four-wheel internal hydraulic brakes. 

  • This Chrysler-Plymouth Model Q Tourer presents smartly with light blue coachwork and navy blue wheel arches and running boards, complemented by a two-tone grey leather interior. 

  • It rides on 20-inch wooden spoked wheels, shod with Lucas tyres. 

  • This example benefits from the fitment of two handy USB ports, indicators, an electric fuel pump and a period luggage trunk.  

  • Accompanying the sale is a memory stick and a hard copy of a detailed guide that has been compiled by the car’s enthusiast owner. This includes information on how to source, repair and buy components, a directory of useful contacts, system diagrams and maintenance schedules with instructions. The original service manual is also supplied.  

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  • Please refer to the photo gallery to assess the exterior and interior condition. 

  • Specific notes from the seller include: This example still presents very well after being the subject of a full restoration in 2000. There are some small blemishes on the paintwork and inside, there is one very small scuff on the top of the seat.  

  • The seller is not aware of any mechanical or electrical faults. 

  • The seller states that the most recent Rego test was in August 2023 and it is valid for 12 months. The ‘Blue Slip’ was conducted two years ago and the car was found to be in good order. 

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Service History


  • All required maintenance has been undertaken by the car’s enthusiast owners on a regular basis. 

  • The seller informs that he conducts monthly checks and an inspection after each tour. 

  • On the most recent service, the current owner adjusted the timing, checked the engine oil and fitted new spark plugs. 

  • The aforementioned electric fuel pump is a recent addition that the current owner has fitted recently.  


This 1928 Chrysler-Plymouth Model Q Tourer is a delightful example of the historically important model. It has been cherished since its extensive rebuild at the turn of the millennium and the accompanying detailed guide will ensure that it can be enjoyed for years to come. It would make an interesting addition to any assembly of rare cars, and a trusty companion for vintage tours and events. 

PLEASE contact me, I'd be very happy to provide feedback and anything.

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