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The Process
Full history and technical details in FAQ under "what to expect" tab.

Cars 2000  006.jpg

When found, she was in need of a lot of TLC.

A lot of work over many years by the dedicated previous owners - Clint, Lynda and his brother Ross Frater.

They did an absolutely amazing job of making sure this Plymouth not only came back to life, but become the life of the party. Well done chaps!

Initially painted light grey with black guards and trimming, then in the last few years Fiat police blue with dark blue guards.

Full restoration

Pulling apart the whole car (which was actually in fairly good condition) including chassis and motor, all taken back to bare bones.

For a complete picture history, please view "Restoration" in the "Activities - Experiences" section. Along with all the other adventures. She will make a great Vintage Wedding Car. 

Plymouth (104).JPG
Plymouth (99).JPG

Back to basics

Follow her road to being rebuilt from the ground up, dedicated enthusiasts who spent many years painstakingly making sure every part was working, functional and most important - looking good!

For the complete restoration history, please see "activities & experiences" section. Imagine taking a wine tour in vintage car like this!

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