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What to Expect

The information you need

Get out of your comfort zone and step back to the glamorous easy going 1920's

Come on, dress up and have some fun like they used to in the 1920's.

The 1920s was the first decade to have a nickname. commonly known as the : “Roaring 20s" or the  "Jazz Age."

It was a decade of prosperity and dissipation, and of jazz bands, bootleggers, raccoon coats, bathtub gin, flappers, flagpole sitters, underground illegal bars/drinking and marathon dancers.

So what was the flapper culture?

Flappers were typically young women who were fast-moving, fast-talking, reckless and unfazed by previous social conventions or taboos. They smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol, rode in and drove cars and kissed and “petted” with different men. These women brought on a new culture and vibe to the era. They were being seen and heard.

How this works .....

How it Works

Step 01

Getting comfortable

Join someone elses adventure or start your own. It's all based around a beautiful old car who loves attention. Create a theme, host an event or keep posted on other events and join in. Maybe create a charity event for children or even vintage cars!

Step 02

Being your beautiful selves

We want you to smile and look beautiful. Enjoy the event and dress up (or down!). Get into the groove and flap your way around our glamorous Plymouth. It is a rare day when you have access to a vintage car. 

Step 03

Photos, pictures and many selfies!

We are keen on collecting your happy snaps to add to our portfolio of good times and excellent adventures. Unless notified in writing by yourself to the contrary, we will use all the pictures we collect in this web site for promotional purposes. 

Step 04

Ask questions, book an event, plan a charity, just make it happen

Unless notified otherwise, participation is free (fuel and some running costs welcome). Your ideas and suggestions is what will make for a fantastic day or evening and will be happily reviewed.



Here are the most frequently asked questions.
If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please Reach Out

  • What is this web site all about?
    Well, basically to have fun with an old vintage car! Ouch, um, I mean our beautiful 1928 Plymouth Tourer. Most people rarely experience vintage cars like this as they are usually in a museum or locked up in a private collection. We've brought BeBe into everyday use with the view of letting everyone enjoy her charms in many different settings. I've taken her to Bunnings and shopping and have great fun with people who are amazed to see her. Many trips to the beach and Sunday morning runs with the local Car Club - Pittwater Motor Enthusiasts Club. Great bunch of people and many friends made. I've picked someone up at the airport and it blew their minds! If you want fun, then this is it. If you have a setting idea, please provide feedback and if accepted, you never know, your smiling face could be in these galleries.
  • What do you get
    If you are buying because of price, then you are most probably not really interested in history nor this car. More importantly, if you are serious about buying this beautiful 1928 Plymouth, then what you really want to know is the following. Support from the world wide Plymouth Technical specialist = YES Is the Plymouth reliable = YES Does the Plymouth start every time, even when cold = YES Is there a detailed maintenance schedule and directions = YES Is there a full parts breakdown with detailed diagrams = YES Do you have access to spare parts = YES Do you have access to other owners = YES Evidence that the Plymouth was built professionally = YES Is the Plymouth easy to maintain = YES Memory stick provided with EVERYTHING needed to know = YES Will there be backup support after purchase = YES Is there a website crammed with heaps of information = YES Is the Plymouth set up for a business such as weddings = YES Is the PLY-028 number plate transferable = YES Is the website transferable = YES Is the phone number 04 20 40 1928 and email transferable = YES Will I answer any questions you have (within reason😊) = YES Is the Plymouth fun to drive = YES Will you get the smile off your face when you drive around = NO Will you be allowed to convert into a hot rod = NO Will you get a speeding ticket = NO For more information, please ask for the rest of this pamphlet.
  • Just Cars - For Sale add
    The following information has been provided to provide the prospective buyer confidence in deciding whether or not to purchase this beautiful Plymouth. Most sellers provide the most minimum information which looks like they don’t care. Confidence to make the purchase is what is needed, hopefully I have provided everything one might need to know. When I purchased the 1928 Plymouth Tourer, I was provided with most of the following information which made the decision making fairly easy. Even after my purchase, I had many questions for many months afterwards and the previous owner was very helpful. I’ve collated all this and found out so much about the Plymouth. So, if I haven’t covered something (which I’d be surprised) that you’d like to know, please send me a note. Previous owner and restorer: Fully restored by someone who (until recently) was the world-wide technical support for the 1928 Plymouth Tourer. The Plymouth could not be re-built by a more experienced person. This car also appeared on the USA Plymouth Bulletin magazine Front page two times (2013 and 2018), this had never been done before, and this is due to the amazing condition and the way the car was re-built. History and Restoration: A complete nut and bolts history is available including pictures (and diagrams) with reliable sourcing for most of the parts required. A lot of this is on the website. Please see other Q&A sections. There is a full technical breakdown of all the parts. Spares: You will have access to many spares and parts including engines, brakes, lights doors etc, including more technical support! The Plymouth group of owners are all friendly and supportive. We can supply contact details. Servicing: A complete step by step guide for the servicing (including pictures) of the whole vehicle is available including a list of recommended fluids, fuel and grease. Registration: Full NSW rego (completed blue slip in mid 2022) after having been on the “vintage club rego”. At the time, the mechanic (details can be provided) indicated the Plymouth was in better shape than some used cars today. The Plymouth comes with the PLY-028 rego plates. Note that vintage car rego is available and costs around $95 per year and can easily be arranged (results in a new rego plate) Rego is due soon, I'll re-register for another year, no problem in securing the pink slip! Other Plymouth Owners: A list of other Plymouth owners is available in order to be able to speak to like minded enthusiasts. Technical Specifications: The car starts first time - even in winter. That say a lot! Complete detailed list of all the parts including specifications, drawings, pictures and measurements/dimensions. I'll provide a 50 page step by step manual for the Plymouth. Axle front Axle rear Battery (new as of June 2022) Brake hand Brake service Camshaft Clutch Connecting rod Cooling Crankshaft Cylinders Engine Frame Fuel System (electric pump installed May2022) Generator Ignition Lamps Lubrication engine Piston pins Piston rings Pistons Speedometer data Springs (and introduced grease points) Steering gear Tyres (done about 2500 kms) Transmission Valves Basically, there are pictures and specifications of every part – so that it can be fixed or replaced! Warranty: We cannot provide warranty of-course, however, we feel so confident about the reliability of the Plymouth deep down we know she will last many years without any major problems. Business: Available is this website Mobile phone number 04 20 40 1928 Email address (this can be changed if required) The Plymouth is set up for weddings and other occasions. Party Gear: We have ribbons, garlands, tommy guns, banners and much more. All the paraphernalia for parties and events. Large “fur” Plymouth monogrammed blanket size 2.5m by 2..5m (need to measure to make sure – it’s large!) for those brisk Sunday morning trips. Photo Gallery: Many photos of events and places been, including art deco type pictures. Posters/Advertising of the past: A raft of “advertising posters” of the day and booklets telling of the history of Chrysler and the Plymouth brand is available on this website. Guarantee: Yes, we do provide a guarantee. We know from experience that driving the Plymouth with provide you great pleasure, especially when you stop into your local coffee shop, bunnings or park for a picnic, people will smile and congratulate you for “making them happy”. It’s an uplifting experience and we guarantee in turn, you will be beaming with pride. The Plymouth is fun! Original Manual and Press Clippings: Absolute totally original detailed service manual is included as are some original technical drawings of some part drawings, this also includes a copy of the manual. There are also original Press release clippings and reference for the Plymouth. These are original and in a used and delicate state. Upgrade list: Please view the FAQ section, it’s very informative, there is a list of upgraded and or new features that have been recently done. These include tyres, battery, etc Where to find parts: Included will be a list of companies and entities that can provide parts for the Plymouth. Influencers: Maybe find and couple up with some “influencers” and increase the attention of the Plymouth for weddings and events if you wish to use it as a business. The Plymouth has been registered for TV and Movies – just waiting for our curtain call! Convert to Hot Rod: No problem, that will be $10000 more. Nah, I was joking, sorry I won’t be selling to anyone wishing to convert the Plymouth into something else. We are only the custodians of some unique and rare history, so we need to ensure we keep the Plymouth as it is for future generations. Bits and Pieces: Internal garage cover sheets to protect from dust etc, also external car cover for the outside elements, especially lined not to scratch. Two external trumpet horns not fitted. Either the boot box or spare tyre fitted to the rear. Brackets and bolts for either option Two new tail light stalks and assemblies available. It has 2 x “cigarette” lighter fittings to use with USB connector A digital USB speedo included. Paint code known and available Memory Stick: A memory stick will be provided with all the above (where applicable) included for easy reference upon purchase. If you are interested, we can also assign the website, email and mobile number, however there are costs to run these, happy to discuss. Conclusion: Truly drive away and just have fun, nothing to be done!
  • Can you tell me about the history of the Plymouth
    Oh all right! Here is the long story. In 1927, Chevrolet and Ford were the giants of the low priced American cars, with the Model A and Chev 4. When Henry Ford heard that Walter Chrysler was planning to enter into the low priced car market, he reportedly said, “Walter, you’ll go broke. Chevrolet and I have that market all sewed up.” Chrysler was not deterred, and his new low priced car was unveiled on July 7, 1928 at Maddison Square Gardens motor show. It was named the Chrysler Plymouth, later to be named just Plymouth. It was named after that Pilgrim band who were the first American colonists. The Plymouth cost much more than the Ford or Chevrolet but buyers got a far better car than they could from those market leaders. It was marketed as an ‘absolutely new development in motor car style’ The car’s body was wood and metal same as other cars They have 20 inch wooden spoke wheels as standard. Wire wheels were an optional extra. Some models had an adjustable front seat known as a camper seat which folds down in-line with the rear seat so you can sleep on it. This also allows for wider door openings as the rear of the seat is not fixed to the middle door pillar like other tourers. They were issued with a special FEDCO badge mounted on the Instrument panel. This badge was for security as it has a special prefix engraved within it. You can work out when the car was actually made from this number. It has a new slender profile chromium-plated radiator surround compared to other makes. This made the bonnet and the car look longer. It came with new designed fenders/mudguards which were known as ‘crown top beaded edge’. New designed bowl type headlamps Luxurious deep upholstery normally found on cars in the much higher price bracket. It has four-wheel internal hydraulic brakes, a system developed by Chrysler, with patents assigned to Lockheed to encourage widespread adoption by other car manufacturers. It would take Ford and Chevrolet many years to move to the more reliable hydraulic system. The Plymouth was manufactured in 5 different body styles. Roadster, Tourer, 4 door sedan, 2 door sedan, and coupe. There were variations to these styles as well. Plymouth Model Q production continued until February 4, 1929, when it was replaced by the Model U. In the United States, Chrysler had made 60,270 Plymouths in Detroit and another 5,827 in Windsor, Canada. Plymouth’s success brought about the building of a new plant, at the time the largest car plant in the world with nearly 23 acres of floor space. We understand that there are only 7-9 working models left in Australia. As a side note: When Ford heard that the Plymouth had 4 wheel brakes, they advertised that the Plymouth was not safe as you would stop too quickly! Really? Turns out Ford had 4 wheel brakes about 18 months later on their cars.
  • How old is the car? Where was it made?
    This Plymouth chassis was assembled in Detroit on the 19th September 1928, Shipped to Adelaide in Australia where the body was built by the Holden Motor Bodies. We know of only 7 or 9 other Plymouth Q Tourers in Australia that are on the road so they are now a rare vehicle. BeBe was found in Bundaburg after sitting in a garage for around 40 years, she had fairly low mileage and therefore most of her was in relatively good condition. 20 years after the full restoration, the Plymouth starts first time - even in winter. That tells a lot about this amazing car.
  • Can you provide details about the Restoration?
    This Plymouth, a 4 door tourer was purchased as a wreck back in 2000 from Bundaberg in Queensland Australia. It had sat in a garage for 44 years before being trailered to Brisbane for some extensive work. All the parts where there and had very minimal rust. She was stripped back to the frame and every nut and bolt was re-furbished where possible. The brother who restored the Plymouth where mechanics and engineer, they knew what they were doing. One of them because world wide technical support for 1928 Plymouths (for about 20 years), so it could not have been built by anyone better. A lot of effort and some time later this Plymouth was back on the road and has since covered about 21,000 miles without any major problems. Other than a few safety modifications she is fairly original. The car was repainted in two tone blue in 2016. Please see photo gallery of the restoration in the "activities & experience" section.
  • How fast can it go and specifications?
    The Plymouth “Silver Dome” 4 cylinder side valve 170 cubic inch engine developed 45 horsepower @ 2800RPM which allowed speeds of 60 mph +. It has a full force-feed lubricated engine with filter, 4.6 compression ratio to allow it to run on various styles of fuel. All mounted on rubber engine mounts to create a smooth motoring experience. Having said all of that, we have found that BP (not a plug) is the best fuel for the car as it doesn't clog the fuel lines. There is an electric fuel pump installed so that we can drive up steep hills. Overall Length 169" (4292 mm) Displacement 175 cu. in. Weight 2260 lbs (1050 kgs) Horsepower 21 hp - 45 bhp Bore 3 5/8" Stroke 4 1/4" Brakes 4 wheel hydraulic Power 6 volt
  • What has been done to BeBe?
    A quick small summary as to what has been done to BeBe. It is estimated mileage is around 100K (as of March 2022). Speedo was on 82K when purchased from Bundaberg in 2000 (in storage for around 40 plus years). Reconditioned engine has done around 18k. From the Fedco badge number (on the dash) we estimate the car was built in Detroit on the 19th Sept 1928. ü New upholstery throughout. 2000 [Anvid Upholstery Capalaba] ü All clip in windows stored in bag. 2000 [Stored behind the rear seat] ü 4 new tyres 2021 [12 months old] ü New 6 volt battery * 2022 [12 months old] [Positive Earth] ü New alloy fuel tank 2018 [Electric fuel pump attached] ü Modern driveshaft with universal joints 2000 [Old had fabric joints] ü New split rims fitted 2000 [Zinc plated to reduce rust] ü Brake drums changed over to Cast Iron 2012 [Original steel] ü New honeycomb Radiator 2000 [Made in NZ by National Radiators] ü Hardened Valve seats fitted 2007 [Allows car run on modern fuels] ü Electric water pump fitted 2015 ü Engine bored out to +.020 2007 ü New wood fitted to tub and sealed. 2000 ü Electric fuel pump fitting 2023 ü USB adaptor fitted under Dash [Can run a GPS for Speedo] ü Original light switch removed from steering column [Safety Switch fitted to dash] ü External oil filter fitted [Z9] ü Car painted in two pak. Light Blue/Dark Blue [Hint as to BeBe name] ü Overflow radiator tank fitted. [Radiator cap sealed] ü No rust. [What was there when purchased was cut out and new steel fitted] ü Steering damper fitted to help with road tracking ü 5 Blade fan fitted for better cooling. ü Rear telescopic Shock absorbers fitted ü Halogen light bulbs fitted to head lights ü Plastic head light covers fitted to protect glass ü Spark Plug adaptors fitted to suit modern sparkplugs ü Brake wheel cylinders have been sleeved with Stainless. ü Brake shoes lined with soft bonded on linings ü Silicone radiator hoses fitted ü Complete 1928 Plymouth owners hand book supplied with car ü Prefers 98 unleaded. Runs better on BP Ultimate especially on hills. ü Gear box/steering box and differential filled with liquid grease and small amount of gear oil ü Engine Uses 20/50 grade oil - penrite.
  • Is Bebe safe to drive and be driven in?
    Will, the BeBe starts first time, which does indicate that she is in near perfect conditions for its age. So is she safe, interesting question, BeBe is different to drive as she has a crash 3 speed gear box (see technical section), which means "double shuffle" in old school terms. This really means instead of pressing down the clutch once (as per todays manual cars) you need to depress the clutch twice. The first time to get it out of the current gear, and the second time to connect to the next gear. Truly doesn't take long to learn this little trick. The brakes are old school hydraulic drum and the steering tends to be loose and follow the tracks of the road due to the tyre thickness. She is fun and interesting to drive and you will hear the gear box crash of gears from time to time. It's built to handle this punishment and the gearbox will last 10-20 years! BeBe is safe to be in, she passed a Blue Slip in July 2022 (which is a full mechanical check to secure full NSW registration - like every other car on the road). Bebe complies to all the registration requirements. Even had compliment that she was in better condition than most cars that were a few years old! Wow! The speeds we travel and where we travel tend to minimise the potential for an accident. We rarely go over 70kmh. The best we can offer is - don't bug the driver and hang on. You won't get the smile off your face. PS. Maybe view "what has been done" question to find out more.
  • The doors look small, is it easy to get into?
    BeBe is a vintage car and therefore has many unique features, including spatial capacity. In other words, BeBe was designed for average sized people of the era. Today we've tended to increase in size - on average. Therefore, BeBe can handle 1 person in the front seat and 2-3 people in the back seat subject to size. We do not wish to offend anyone, comfort is important. It can be difficult to get into the rear of the car as the rear door width is only 550cm, however directly behind the entrance is the front bench seat, which then narrows to only 330cm. It's tight. The door height is 550cm and there is the wheel arch to contend with. There is a first step to the running board which is 400cm from the ground and then a small step 230cm into the cabin. There isn't much wriggle room as the roof (outside overhang) height from the cabin floor is 1030cm. You'll need to be a bit agile to able to enter gracefully! Having said that, with the roof up it is really easy as one can stand and "walk" into the cabin. Please consider the above if you are considering to hire our BeBe as we'd hate to see an awkward or embarrassing attempt to enter the rear cabin.
  • Does BeBe drive in the rain?
    Very good question! BeBe prefers not like getting her feet wet. Having said that, on the practical side, there are side plastic windows* therefore anyone travelling within BeBe on a rainy day would be okay, sort of! Subject to how heavy the rain is! *We do have plastic side curtains (behind the back seat) and these are typically used should we get caught in a storm whilst out and about. The visability may not be the best subject to the humidity and depending on the type of rain/storm.
  • So what does BeBe stand for?
    This is her "public" name as we do have our internal pet name (which is where BeBe is derived from). If you can guess what it is, then we'll shout you a drink at Dad & Dave's brewery in Brookvale - Sydney.
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